Snaffle Bits Horse Treats

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Snaffle Bits Horse Treats

Snaffle Bits Horse Treats are made from all natural ingredients that are beneficial to a horses health and do not contain additives or preservatives. While it is not a supplement it does compliment a healthy diet, each ingredient is good for a horse’s coat and digestive system.

Ingredients such as flaxseed and sunflower oil have the essential fatty acids that along with a healthy feeding and exercise program are a great addition to a horses diet. Mint is not only loved by horses but is also good for their digestive system.

Once you realize how much your horse enjoys Snaffle Bits Horse Treats, you will want to be sure to always have some on hand. These treats are moderately priced and come in 4 convenient sizes (4oz, 15oz, 2lb, 6lb).

Medicine Mix

This mix is a great way to get horses to take their medicine or entice them to eat. It is made from the same ingredients as our Horse Treats, is the same price and is available in the same size packages as the regular treats.

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