Snaffle Bits Horse Treats

Phone: (425) 778-2599

For the one you love, who gives their every lil' bit!

Who Are We?

Marty and Ruth Carroll are a local critter lovin' couple. Their passion for animals is quite apparent when you visit their home. Along with Ruth's roping horses, you will be greeted by Rosie the pig, Willie the goat, and a variety of cats and dogs.

They know the importance of good nutrition. This is why they are dedicated to their Snaffle Bits Horse Treats business, providing a horse treat that benefits horses of all size, breeds and disciplines'. The best reward of all is horses simply love them!

And here is a shameless plug for Westside Farrier Service, who has done wonderful work for us. If you need farrier service, give them a try:
Serving horses throughout Snohomish and King Counties, the Eastside and surrounding communities.